Minnesota Government Finance Officers Association

Promoting excellence and leadership in the government finance profession

Welcome Students!

Our Mission:
To promote excellence and leadership in the government finance profession by providing quality educational opportunities, avenues for sharing knowledge, recognition of members' outstanding accomplishments, and by upholding high professional and ethical standards.

Organization Profile
Since 1964, the Minnesota Government Finance Officers Association, or MnGFOA, has served as the premier professional organization representing governmental finance and accounting professionals at cities, counties, school districts, and state agencies.

Our members include; Finance Officers, Accountants, Auditors, Financial Analysts, and other professionals dedicated to managing governmental financial activities. The MnGFOA includes over 500 members representing 200 different government entities and consulting partners.

Profile of a Government Finance Officer
The Government Finance Officer is a full-charge professional responsible for a variety of functional areas that may include:

  • Budgeting and capital planning
  • Financial analysis, auditing and reporting
  • Investment portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • IT oversight
  • General ledger, payroll, accounts payable and receivable

There are over 1,500 distinct governmental agencies in the State of Minnesota alone including cities, townships, counties, school districts, and state agencies. All of these agencies need high-quality professionals to manage its financial operations.

Making a Difference
As a Government Finance Officer you make a difference in people’s lives each and every day. Government services include providing safe cities and neighborhoods, educating tomorrow’s leaders, building transportation systems, offering parks, trails, and other recreational opportunities, and delivering safe, clean water to homes.

As a Government Finance Officer, you’re involved every step of the way in delivering these crucial services. Each day, you will work to ensure value and integrity of public services.

A Day in the Life . . .
Government Finance Officers work side-by-side with other staff and elected officials, as well as citizens and other stakeholders. Preparing budgets and financial statements and making investment decisions are just a few of the on-going responsibilities for Government Finance Officers. But there is much, much more. Participating in long-term planning efforts, serving as the project leader on organization-wide initiatives, and attending conferences and training events are all part of a typical Government Finance Officer’s schedule.

Career Advancement Opportunities
Today’s Government Finance Officers have found that their experience and skill sets transfer easily from one governmental area to another. Career advancement opportunities are abundant as most government agencies promote from within the governmental area.

Whether you’re seeking an entry level position, or a senior-level position, the governmental finance and accounting profession will offer you rewarding career opportunities.

Salary & Benefits
Typically the salary and benefits of entry-level and mid-level government finance officers are commensurate with private sector positions. And while some private-sector positions offer bonus pay and stock options, senior-level government finance officers enjoy comparable benefits, employment stability, and balanced work schedules.

Training & Professional Development Opportunities
Government Finance Officers receive numerous educational, training and networking opportunities, through the MnGFOA. These events are designed to provide a broad array of services to members at all levels in their career.

Opportunities include:

  • Monthly and quarterly technical training seminars featuring renowned experts in the areas of finance, accounting, auditing, investment management, risk management, and more
  • Local and national conferences which incorporate both professional and personal development
  • Networking events at seminars and conferences, as well as planned social activities
  • Training events at several locations including greater Minnesota
  • CPE credits available for most seminars and conferences

Student Scholarships & Internships
The MnGFOA offers the John B. Lilja Undergraduate Scholarship to students considering a career in the government finance profession. Eligibility criteria include a strong GPA, active in community or student organizations, and business-related job skills. In addition, the MnGFOA also provides paid internships to member organizations for the purpose of hiring students on a part-time basis to work alongside experienced Government Finance Officers.

Contact Information
To learn more about career opportunities in the government finance and accounting profession, consider having your accounting or finance club invite governmental practitioners to speak. Or schedule a visit with a government official near your home or school to shadow them for a day or two.

For more information about the MnGFOA, and available scholarships and internships, please contact the MnGFOA President.  Click here to get contact information.